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Ablyaz T.R. 1 Ivanov V.A. 1 Matigullina E.V. 1 Alikin E.S. 1
1 Perm national research polytechnic university
Work is devoted to the development of technology of electrical discharge machining of dielectric material - ceramics. Workpieces made of vysokotvёrdyh dielectric materials with high accuracy is the issue of engineering. Application for the purpose of electrical discharge machining method requires the creation of certain conditions under which it becomes possible to form a channel breakdown between the electrode-tool and the workpiece. The paper presents a developed in the laboratory of “electrical discharge machining” Perm National Research Polytechnic University of Technology electrical discharge machining of ceramic materials based on the method of the auxiliary electrode with the addition of finely divided metal powder to the cutting area. It is shown that after treatment with the coating of dielectric material electrically conductive surface layer is destroyed surface of the dielectric material. Listed alloying elements ceramic preform tool electrode.