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Scientific Review. Technical science
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Azarov I.V. 1 Strunina A.A. 1
1 Branch «Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Computer Science»
This article analyzes the market for mobile applications in Russia. The article deals with the problem of the market for mobile applications in the Russian Federation and the benefits of developing them abroad. Drawn portrait of the Russian developer of mobile applications, and indicates the main direction of development. Presents the most famous Russian developers of mobile applications (with their formative years), as well as comparative tables the users of mobile applications in terms of downloads, popularity and profits. The statistics of the growth of emerging applications. Considered portrait Developer, in the context of how you can get the basic knowledge on the development of mobile applications in Russia and abroad. Identified the need for the use and implementation of the learning process of students new methodso f education in the development of software applications.