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Scientific Review. Technical science
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Rules for authors

Dear authors!

The journal Scientific Review. Technical Sciences publishes articles on the following codes of specialties:

  • 05.09.00 Electrical Engineering
  • 05.11.00 Instrument-making, metrology and information-measuring devices and systems
  • 05.13.00 Informatics, computer engineering and management

When writing and writing articles for print, the editorial staff asks to adhere to the following rules for authors:

Articles in accordance with the rules for authors can be submitted through the PERSONAL PORTFOLIO service:

Registration of the "PERSONAL PORTFOLIO" service

Open the service "PERSONAL PORTFOLIO"

Works received through the PERSONAL PORTFOLIO service are published first of all.

Interaction with the editors through the Personal Portfolio service allows you to submit articles to the editors on-line, add, edit and correct materials, promptly receive requests from the editorial office and respond to them, track in real time the stages of the article in the editorial office. About all the changes that occurred as a result of reviewing the article provided through the Personal Portfolio service, the author additionally receives an automatic message by e-mail.

The works received by e-mail are published in turn as they are reviewed by the editors of the received correspondence and correspondence with the author.

The editors urge the articles posted through the Personal Portfolio not to send additional e-mails. In this case, the time for reviewing the work is lengthened (it takes time to identify and delete copies).

After receiving the registration information and materials for publication, the authors are sent confirmations in electronic form from the editors about:

  • acceptance of work in print
  • full output of work and the ability to place an order to receive a journal number

In case of rejection of the article, the paid amount is returned minus the costs incurred (postage, communication expenses, additional review costs).

If the article is not compiled according to the rules (request for revision by the authors), the deadline for receipt of work by the editor is the date of receipt of the corrected version.


The legal basis for ensuring publication ethics is made up of international standards: provisions adopted at the 2nd World Conference on the Integrity of Scientific Research (Singapore, July 22-24, 2010); provisions developed by The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and the norms of the Copyright section of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.